Nikki McFadden

Hi, I’m Nikki! My love affair with yoga begin at Corepower Yoga in 2015. With an extensive background in competitive gymnastics and contemporary dance, yoga combined both the physical and spiritual benefits that I craved, and proved to be the perfect niche for me! I received my training through Corepower Yoga and currently hold certifications in Power Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, and Yoga Sculpt. With an educated background in movement, I am passionate about helping others explore and develop their own kinesthetic awareness through yoga, specifically through alignment based verbal cues and physical adjustments. My personal yoga journey has made a profound impact on my life. I am a happier and more compassionate human being. To say that I love yoga would be an understatement. It truly lights my soul on fire every single day. My hope is to inspire and motivate others to dig deep so that they may truly see what lies beneath the surface. I believe that within each and every one of us resides a magical glowing light, and that yoga, if practiced with consistency and dedication, can be used as a tool to both access and cultivate this inner light. When I’m not practicing or teaching yoga you can find me reading, sipping coffee at the beach, day tripping with my family, or doing handstands in odd places with my kiddos.

Nikki McFadden is currently not instructing any classes.