It all began on the campus of UCSB back in 1996 when Karen and Bonnie fell in love with brothers, who both ended up married making them sister in laws for life.  In college, both were exercise enthusiasts who regularly met each other at the UCSB Rec Center to get their workout in and talk about life. You could always find them strolling on the beach with Bonnie’s dog Tobi and making plans for their future. Both being San Fernando Valley natives after Santa Barbara, they all ended up back in the Valley living just miles apart.

The years quickly flew by and couples grew into families.  Karen and David have been married almost 18 years and have 14 year old Lindsay and 9 year old twins Tyler and Sarah.  Bonnie and Brian have been married almost 16 years and have 9 year old twins Chloe and Carter and 6 year old Griffin.  What started as a strong friendship has grown into an amazing family dynamic where cousins are like siblings and sister in laws are sisters.  Most vacations and time spent away from work and school is with each other. The families enjoy physical activities,such as, hiking, biking, swimming, surfing.  It is important to Karen and Bonnie to always stay active and teach their children about healthy living.

Bonnie has continuously challenged her body with many different types of workouts.  She felt that yoga made her a calmer mom and all around more focused individual.While on a family vacation, Bonnie felt strongly about what benefits yoga brought to her life and wanted to share the experience with Karen. Karen also fell in love with the practice especially the mindfulness and breath aspects.  When returning home from the vacation they saw a vision to build their own studio. Because they have first-hand experienced the transformational aspects of yoga in their lives, they felt the need to introduce their children and parents to the benefits of yoga. This has greatly impacted them and they were excited to introduce their vision to the community.

In August 2017 after many months of planning and building WARRIOR&CO. A Yoga Studio located in Woodland Hills, California was born.  WARRIOR&CO is a two-studio space, offering a unique environment and the first of its kind; one hot studio and one non-heated. With a variety of yoga and fitness classes including Kids Yoga, Teen Yoga, and Seniors Yoga there is a perfect class for everyone.  Karen and Bonnie’s goal was to create a studio where everyone feels part of a community. Each and everyday WARRIOR&CO. is growing and becoming a home to many Yogis in the community.  WARRIOR&CO. prides itself on being a clean state of the art, welcoming studio with amazing instructors who are well educated and all certified through the Yoga Alliance. 

Come join us for an enriched and life-changing experience.