Fifteen years ago, worlds collided and friends became family. Without family and friends nothing is possible. A focus on fitness and healthy lifestyles, similar morals and values, amazing supportive families and a love for the Dave Matthews Band created an instant bond between owners Morgan and Bonnie. Throughout the years they have experienced many life milestones, always finding light and happiness within each other. Morgan’s positive attitude towards life was greatly influenced by yoga and movement meditation and when she introduced Bonnie to the world of yoga, Bonnie’s world was forever changed. Since then, both have been regular yoga students and their practice has evolved into a business dream. Their passion is to bring yoga to the people! Bonnie’s sister-in-law Karen has since been an integral part in making this dream a reality. While on a family vacation, Bonnie took Karen to her first yoga class and Karen immediately saw the vision and jumped on board to help build WARRIOR&CO. Because they have first-hand experienced the transformational aspects of yoga in their lives, they felt the need to introduce their children and parents to the benefits of yoga. This has greatly impacted them and they are excited to introduce their vision to the community. Yoga truly is for everyone! WARRIOR&CO. is a two-studio space, offering a unique environment and the first of its kind; one hot studio and one non-heated. With a variety of yoga and fitness classes including Kids yoga, Seniors Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga, all can enjoy the space and the benefits yoga offers. Come join us for an enriched and life-changing experience.